….just in time for Mother’s Day!

 Yes, Uniquely Manchester now has even more incredible items for you to buy, and they may help with your dilemma if you’ve still not found the perfect Mother’s Day gift.  All items are, of course, lovingly designed or created in Manchester by uniquely talented artists, creators and independents.

 At Uniquely Manchester we are constantly looking for new suppliers so that we are able to give you even more options when looking for that special something.  As you know, we pride ourselves on what we offer and each item we sell is a reflection on us, so it has to be the perfect fit.

 Uniquely Manchester is absolutely delighted to announce our first two new additions to the mix for 2020: Ollie & Fred Scarves – The Manchester Range, and handmade Beeswax Balms Gift Sets.  We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do!

Ollie & Fred Scarves – The Manchester Range

These beautifully crafted scarves are luxurious, eye-catching, and all have a Manchester reference.

Magnificent in monochrome, the sound wave design on the Whitworth scarf will seem familiar to fans of one of Manchester’s most-loved bands, Joy Division.  And, fitting that we’ve just celebrated International Women’s Day (8thMarch), the visually striking Sylvia scarf in the iconic suffragette colours is named after Emmeline Pankhurst’s daughter. 

For those of you who like to make a statement, we also have Ollie & Fred yellow and black bee stripe socks as well as the most amazing coin purses and clutch bags!  Perfect gifts for Mother’s Day, although we won’t be surprised if you just go ahead and treat yourself!

There are two versions of the stunning worker Bee scarf, a skinny silk blend scarf and a lightweight 100% wool scarf. However, no sooner did we put them on our site, they (unsurprisingly) sold out! We should have more in stock in a few weeks so keep your eyes peeled (oh, and they are so nice we recommend buying both!). 

Beeswax Balms – Gift Sets

Inspired by the creator’s very own Manchester bees, Beeswax Balms contain essential oils to sooth, moisturise and relax.

These lovely little gift sets, which are suitable for vegetarians and are not tested on animals, come as a set of three or five balms; each balm comes in a 28g tin with hand printed bee label and the batch number.   

Choose from The Ultimate skincare set, which includes a relaxing bedtime balm, healing hand balm, muscle rub and refreshing foot balm plus a beautifully moisturising lip balm; or opt for one of the sets of 3: Essential skincare or Relaxing skincare gift sets.

We love the Relaxing Bedtime Balm, with its calming properties, to rub into wrists, temples and chest for a restful night. The Refreshing Foot Balm is a real treat for tired feet, the Healing Beeswax Balm will revive even the driest of skin, and the Soothing Muscle Rub provides a cooling, numbing sensation to help ease pain.

These are perfect little gifts, be it a pamper relaxation set or a set to revive the weary traveller.

So! Two amazing new collections to add to your wish list!  And conveniently launched just in time for Mother’s Day….don’t say we don’t spoil you…

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