Mancs are going 'mad fer it' (Manchester art that is!)

Mancs are going 'mad fer it' (Manchester art that is!)

And we are truly grateful...!

Three months into lockdown and a couple of things have become very clear to the team at Uniquely Manchester.  Firstly, a lot of people have been making the most of the time by catching up on those jobs at home that usually get put aside for a ‘rainy day’.  Secondly, Mancunians are so flippin’ proud of their city (of course, we already knew that!).

It would seem that top of the list of rainy day tasks getting completed during lockdown is home redecorating and refreshing. And fans of Manchester far and wide are updating their walls with art and photography from - and of - our incredible city and locality.  Personally, Uniquely Manchester couldn’t be prouder of the pride people are showing for the places we know and love. An awful lot of people are wanting a little bit of Greater Manchester on their walls!

What makes this even better is that, by purchasing Manchester themed or made art and photography, Uniquely Manchester customers are not just showing what great taste they have (clearly!), but they are also supporting a local independent business and its regionally based artists and photographers. This is truly appreciated to an extent we cannot even begin to express!

As those already familiar with Uniquely Manchester will know, Uni It’s absolutely impossible to pick favourites, but, with so many incredible items to choose from, we thought you’d appreciate a quick guide to the amazing art and fantastic photography we have in stock:

Manchester modern retro art: From Wigan to Woodsmoor, and everywhere in between,  these brilliant posters depict the quirky traits of our region’s towns and villages.  If your town isn’t featured yet, you can be sure there will be plans to do so at some point in the future! 

Cool Mancunia and Iconic Manchester art collections: The essence of Manchester culture, including its music and sport legends,  is encapsulated in these uber cool pieces. 

Manchester glass art and street signs: These one-off pieces are handmade and look incredible on any wall. The new unframed Manchester street sign is proving particularly popular both home and abroad as we get in to barbeque season, so we can only assume there will be a few man sheds and summer houses proudly promoting their owner’s roots!

Manchester worker bee ceramics: Handmade and hand painted in Manchester, this collection is always popular and always in demand.  Each one has its own message, from sport, to music, to being a proud Mancunian.  We also offer a beautiful bespoke wedding worker bee.

Manchester doodle maps: Proving that we definitely do things differently here, the intricate workings of the fantastic Dave Draws Doodle maps feature Manchester, Salford, Altrincham, and the Northern Quarter.

Manchester iconic photography:  Just as popular as our artwork ranges, is our stunning collection of photography, featuring striking images of Manchester and its landmarks.  Available as prints, mounts, or framed. There’s also the beautiful fine art photography, currently available as prints.

Orders are prepared in a safe environment and delivered directly by Uniquely Manchester or via Royal Mail, with all the necessary health precautions in place.  Delivery is contactless, with no signature required.

Finally, the biggest THANK YOU to everyone who is choosing to support local businesses, and in particular those who have chosen Uniquely Manchester. We, along with our artists, are truly grateful!

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