About the title.  Apologises . . . if you’re mad fer a Manchester dance party, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.  That said, we’re more than able to cater for a good old Northern knees up with our incredible range of regional gins and rums (we have Manchester Vodka now too!) And we have been doing a lot of happy dances recently; thanks to lots of rave reviews from customers who love Uniquely Manchester.

There’s a very obvious theme to the feedback we get.  Actually, three themes.  We get an overwhelmingly positive response about the products we stock.  We get a huge amount of incredibly humbling comments about our customer service.  And we’re absolutely terrible at publicly promoting how happy our customers are with Uniquely Manchester.

99% of the customer feedback we get comes directly to us via email or phone.  Which we are unbelievably grateful for, and makes us feel pretty fantastic.  But if you search online for reviews about Uniquely Manchester, you won’t find very much!  Which isn’t ideal for new customers seeking some reassurance that they’re buying the best, from the best.

It’s our own fault. Establishing a digital presence on review sites is on our ‘to do’ list, but we’ve been so busy continually adding new products and ranges to Uniquely Manchester that we haven’t had time to get our online review options inline.

But we will.  We definitely will. Although it’s probably going to be after Christmas now, as we’re about to hit our busiest time of year.  We know how important reviews are, particularly if you haven’t bought from a site before and you want to be confident of your purchase.  But, as a small independent business, our focus and priorities from day one have been quality service and quality products, so sometimes other things have to stay a little bit longer on our list of things to do.

We’re not completely without online reviews.  Customers are able to review Uniquely Manchester on our Facebook page and on Google, and we’re very proud to say that 100% of the ratings we’ve had on both platforms have given us the full five stars. By the way, it goes without saying that we’d be thrilled if you could spare a few seconds to rate us, or a minute to write a review:

Facebook: (1) Uniquely Manchester | Facebook

Goggle: https://bit.ly/32x10C3

In the meantime, we thought it was about time we shared some of the things that people have been saying about us:

  • "What an outstanding company. All the items are just perfect for many occasions. Great service and fantastic staff who go above and beyond. Thank you so much.
  • “I was extremely impressed with the personal, professional and efficient service received. I wanted a gift to send my brother in Australia that would hold real meaning for him. With Uniquely Manchester - I found art for a Mancunian, created by a Mancunian, featuring Manchester and made in Manchester!”
  • “Wow thanks Neil! Brilliant customer service!”
  • “Loving your website!!”
  • Amazing service. Karen and Neil went repeatedly over and above trying to expedite deliveries to Europe. Couldn’t thank them enough.
  • “Superb! Even got the postcode wrong on my order and the company noticed straight away and emailed me to double check it. Product arrived really quickly (especially with the current climate) and the gift box of chocolates was really well received. Certainly will recommend to others and use them again.”
  • “Love your company and will buy stuff again. Thanks to you both for your help.”
  • “My friend’s over the moon and it’s made her birthday. I will be looking at your site for future birthdays.”
  • “Thanks for being so responsive and prompt. I’ll definitely recommend to my friends and family.”
  • “The Uniquely Manchester products are fantastic!”
  • “My friend received her gift yesterday and loves it. Thank you for your great service, especially during these unusual times.”
  • “Superb quality and service - highly recommended.”
  • “The customer service is excellent. Neil could not have been more helpful. I was on the last minute for a gift and he went out of his way to make sure the gift arrived on time. The quality of the artwork is brilliant too. I would definitely recommend.”
  • “Great products and exceptional customer service.”
  • “I just wanted to say how great the ceramic bee picture looks - I’ve just got home and had a look at it. It will make a fabulous gift. Thanks again.”
  • “I have been very impressed with your customer service during this difficult time and won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting to send a special gift to someone.”
  • “Thank you so much for the brilliant service. I also love the picture so much I'm thinking of ordering one for myself!!”
  • “Fantastic service and beautiful products.”

Yes, these are all genuine comments! We haven’t included names because…well y’know…we’ve not had the time to go back to all the customers to ask if they’d be okay with us mentioning them (obviously!).

If you’re looking for a gift made in Manchester, Manchester themed, Manchester designed, or produced in Manchester and haven’t bought from Uniquely Manchester before then we do hope you’ll give us a try. And if you have purchased from us previously – thank you!

Final thought, it’ll soon be Christmas, so if you want to start your shopping early it’s uniquelymanchester.co.uk …(sorry!)


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