We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; our Manchester Skyline Gin Glasses and Manchester Skyline Whisky Tumblers always sell out fast. So, it’s no surprise to Uniquely Manchester that there is a lot of love for Manchester and its ever-changing skyline. 

However, we’ve just been reminded of something that did take us completely by surprise exactly two years ago this week; on Monday 21st October 2019 we experienced a HUGE spike in visits to our site like we’d never seen before (A good surprise!).

‘Ah’, we thought at the time, ‘our amazingly executed marketing campaign must be working!’

‘Oh’, we realised, ‘but we haven’t implemented a marketing campaign . . . ’

Hmmm.  Well we scratched our heads for a bit, before our crack team of super sleuths began a thorough investigation (the Uniquely Manchester bosses took to google). Turns out, we had The Guardian to thank to for the sudden surge of website visitors! The national newspaper had published an article about the growth of Manchester’s skyline and the influx of luxury flats in the city. More specifically, it referenced the term ‘Manc-Hattan’ . . . which just happens to be the title of one of the fantastic pieces in our retro art collection

Created by incredible artist Eric Jackson, the tongue-in-cheek poster juxtaposes Manchester’s shiny new skyscrapers with one of the city’s favourite and beautiful old pubs, The Peveril of the Peak.

Of course, people have differing views on the new buildings, with many valid points for and against. But as the buildings continue to appear, and with further plans for investment, it looks like the Manchester skyline is set to evolve further still. No doubt the Manc-Hattan poster will be updated accordingly.  In fact, perhaps we’d better get Eric ready to create the ‘Manc-Hattan through the years’ series…!

Former journalist Eric, from Stockport, has created a whole range of playful posters that poke fun at, and evoke fondness for, the peculiarities of Manchester and its surrounding area and towns. Poster slogans include, “Be different . . just like everyone else in Chorlton”, “Climb the ladder to a better bruschetta in . . Hale”, and “Just say ‘no’ to Chorley Cakes.  You’re in  . . . Eccles.”  The Manc-Hatten poster states: ‘Manchester – Just like New York, but so much more charming’.  And we certainly can’t argue with that.

So, thank you to The Guardian for directing the masses to our website, and thank you to Eric for your brilliant pieces of art that always put a smile on our faces and the faces of the many customers who buy them.

Oh, and if you missed the article you can read it here , although spoiler alert, it’s not the most complimentary article you’ll ever read about our great city…

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