Manchester - a city of Gin drinkers, and now a real Rum lot!

Manchester - a city of Gin drinkers, and now a real Rum lot!

It’s no secret that gin has been the on-trend/on-point (whatever the ‘in’ phrase is this week…) tipple for a while now, so it came as no surprise to us when our stunning Manchester skyline gin glasses flew out of the door no sooner than they arrived. 

But now we see rum also enjoying a new-found fame, and having tasted the spiced rum we can see why!

At Uniquely Manchester towers we were delighted to discover that Manchester boasts lots of independent gin and rum distillers. What better gift to give a gin or rum aficionado than something that’s home-produced, in small batches, and beautifully presented…oh, and tastes delicious! There’s the added attraction that you’re supporting small, independent local businesses too. 

We’ve added a selection of Manchester and Salford produced gin and rum to our collections, and there’s plenty more to come. Allow us to introduce you to a few….along with our recommendations on how to fully enjoy them:

Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem gin is a truly artisan spirit, made with an infusion of botanicals, sourced from near and far, including rosemary and apple from distillers Carmel & Joe's own garden (when in season) along with, citrus, angelica, liquorice and lashings of milk thistle.  

The gin is named after the much-loved St Mary's Church in the centre of Manchester, known locally as The Hidden Gem, as it's the place Carmel's Grandparents met almost 100 years ago.

Hidden Gem is fresh tasting and smooth with citrus notes and a complex finish. Made in small batches, blended, bottled and labelled by hand.

Serving Suggestions: Usually best served with a premium light tonic, but as for the perfect garnish, well the choice is yours! Because of the large variety of botanicals you can tailor it to suit your own taste. If you prefer a sweet gin use a slice of sweet orange, but if your tastebuds prefer something sharper go with lemon. We like it with fresh cucumber or a slice of apple - they are all botanicals in the gin, so take your pick, experiment and enjoy....

Worsley Gin

A truly sumptuous Premium Gin born out of a pure love of the spirit. Hand crafted, using an exquisite blend of 10 botanicals and a unique distillation process, this is a drink for the true connoisseur.

Worsley Gin is based in the beautiful leafy village of its namesake in the North West of England. Known for its picturesque setting and chocolate box architecture, and it is already receiving glowing reviews.

Encased in a stunning diamond shaped, Italian glass bottle, using a hand finished process which pays homage to both heritage and science, the taste matches the look - beautifully exquisite, elegant and distinctive.

Worsley Gin is the ultimate decadent gin experience.

Serving Suggestions: This gin is actually delicious neat over ice, or enjoyed with a premium tonic with a garnish of strawberries, blackberries and mint to take you in to the winter months.

(there’s also a Worsley Gin Glass if you want the complete Worsley gin experience!)

The Salford Rum Company, Spiced Rum 70cl.

This stunning creation is presented in a ceramic bottle with wooden cork stopper. The exclusive Salford map label, is designed by Manchester artist "DaveDraws". Each bottle is hand marked with the bottle and batch number.

Distilled in the shadows of the old Salford docks, this small batch golden spiced rum is hand blended with spices and expertly infused with vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and dried fruits.

Salford Rum is inspired by the Caribbean rum and spice imports received into Salford Docks during the 1800s, and is a tribute to the dock workers who were the beating heart of our great city. 

A truly unique rum in a truly unique collectors item bottle.

Serving Suggestions: Neat, over ice!

The Manchester Still – Daltons Element Spiced Rum

 Fusing tradition with a Mancunian twist, Manchester Still have come up with a smooth, yet punchy, rum that truly represents the spirit of the city in which it was made, with notes of orange peel, cinnamon bark, and brown sugar.

Dalton's Element was a labour of love. It took over a year to perfect, and is what we consider to be the perfect spiced rum. It’s a combination of traditional spiced rum practices, with a Mancunian twist to deliver a truly unique spiced flavour.

Serving Suggestions: this rum will enhance many a cocktail, or simply enjoy it neat on the rocks.

The Manchester Still – Faraday’s Proof White Rum

Faraday's Proof is a white rum, carefully distilled from natural unrefined molasses, using a highly scientific and systematic approach to provide unparalleled purity and a smooth yet distinctive rum.

This is a gentle rum with soft fruits, hints of sugar cane and a clean, fresh finish. 

Serving Suggestions: This is the ideal rum for your favourite cocktails, we recommend a Daiquiri, Mojito or a simple Cuba Libre. 

Both Manchester Still rums are presented in a cool bottle with a silver Manchester bee label.

So that’s just a taster of what we have. We keep adding to our collection - in fact we have added more as this is being written - so we’ll no doubt acquaint you with those very soon.

Oh, and by the way,you’ll be pleased to know we are getting another delivery of the Manchester skyline gin glasses  time for Christmas!

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