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Spirit of George Gin - 70cl / 40% abv

Signature Botanicals

In the tradition of a London Dry Gin, Spirit Of George is predominantly Juniper based, however there are other flavours that create a unique composition: The key botanical factor within Spirit Of George is the inclusion of ingredients that are sourced from one of the most spiritual places on earth, Nepal.

It is the Nepalese ingredients that provide a direct connection to the Himalayas, Mount Everest and the George Mallory story. Big Hill Distillery are working with Fairtrade farmers in Nepal to bring together these special ingredients and over a year was spent to get the right blend of flavours and botanical ratios.

The end result is stunning. As a classic G&T Spirit Of George provides a very pleasing drink and when sipped neat, orange citrus notes up front make way for flavours (from Nepal) of ginger, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom, which in turn leads to a comfortably warm finish. A subtle Himalayan tea component provides an extra dimension and contributes to the overall smoothness of the gin.

Perfect Serve Spirit Of George works well with: Garnish – a slice (or wedge) of orange. A single star anise provides an extra (optional) flavour layer. Mixer- a good quality neutral (non-flavoured) tonic water. 

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