Salford Rum Company - Citrus Infused White Rum


Salford Rum - Citrus infused  White Rum - 70cl / 37.5% Abv 


Illuminate your taste buds with Salford Rum's Citrus-infused White Rum.

Looking for a refreshing and deliciously smooth rum that packs a citrusy punch? Look no further than our new White Rum, distilled with the zesty essence of orange, Sicilian lemon, and lime peels.

Crafted with care in small batches and using the finest ingredients, this premium white rum boasts a clean and crisp taste that's perfect for sipping or mixing in your favourite cocktails. Each sip is infused with the bright and tangy flavours of freshly grated citrus peels, balanced perfectly by the rich and complex notes of high-quality rum.

Our White Rum is packaged in a stunning frosted bottle with our signature Salford docks map print design by Dave Draws. The ship canal areas of the design are clear allowing you to see the liquid. Each bottle includes an LED light up feature so you can display the bottle in it's full glory. 

Whether you're a seasoned rum aficionado or a casual drinker looking for something new and exciting, Salford Rum's white rum is sure to impress. So why wait? Order now and experience the deliciously citrusy goodness for yourself!


A truly unique rum in a truly unique collectors item bottle.



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