The Public Spirit - Spiced Rum 70cl / 40% abv

Every bottle gives four meals for those in need.

A truly fantastic blend of handpicked rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Panama, Trinidad, and Venezuela, infused with creamy salted toffee and secret spices.

Great over ice and works a real treat with ginger beer - among many other things… Best served with friends.

The Public Spirit is a truly fantastic combination of five exquisite rums from the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. 

Working with the best distilleries in the world, we’ve sourced and handpicked the finest single origin rums to create a completely unique, amazing-tasting, and incredibly smooth rum. 

All aged in ex-bourbon American Oak casks to give it’s exceptional natural taste and signature golden colour - there’s zero room for artificial flavourings.

Bold, rich, and complex - each rum brings its own distinctive style before they’re married together to create our brilliantly unique flavour profile. 

From barrel to bottle, the rum is then expertly crafted in small batches to ensure every drop is as memorable as the last and the result is a liquid like no other. 

All responsibly sourced with an uncompromised focus upon taste and quality, what’s not to like? 

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