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Manchester City Folklore - Gary James

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Manchester City Folklore - What every blue needs to know.

Fabulous  brand new book from celebrated author and historian Gary James.

The book reveals an incredible array of stories, true blue moments and characters that helped shape the club.

This is City's DNA, originally researched and mapped by acclaimed historian Gary James.

Discover - The latest exclusive research into the birth of the club - as told by a witness present at its formation in 1880.

How City chants started

Why Blue ? The significance of City's first colours and other kits.

The Story of the Kippax.

The unique attributes of City's great captains, comparing every major trophy winning skipper.

Your own part in the story, records and facts demonstrating the loyalty of City fans.

And much much more insight into this great & historic club

An absolute "must have" book in any City fans library.

Paperback - 208 pages / 400 images

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