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Kuro - Japanese inspired Cherry Blossom Gin


KURO - Cherry Blossom Gin - 50cl / 40% abv

The deliciously sweet taste of Cherry and Blossom balanced perfectly against juniper, makes for an exciting pink gin.

From the makers of the award winning Japanese inspired KURO Gin.

Out of a love of gin, a friendship and an epic skiing trip in the Hakuba Valley region of Japan, KURO was born. The goal was to bottle up the alpine experience and release it in the form of a premium gin for gin lovers of the UK to enjoy. 

With the 12 carefully chosen botanicals KURO Gin achieves just that, most identifiably through the use of Silver Birch Bark, Spruce Needles and Bamboo Activated Charcoal. It is the activated charcoal that gives KURO its name, translating directly as 'black' in Japanese.

Liquorice, cinnamon, orange, lemon, angelica, nutmeg, orris, coriander and juniper make up the botanicals that, balanced against the classic London Dry base, give it an exquisite alpine freshness.

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