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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Him

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Him

Uniquely Manchester is ‘manned up’ and ready to alleviate your Christmas stress by providing the best gifts for ‘him’ this side of the North Pole

We know. Although they say they aren’t; men are really hard to buy for.  From ‘our kid’ to ‘him in doors’, they say they’re happy with owt or nowt; leaving you with the headache of trying to read between the lines and figure out what they’d really like.  

Panic over though.  We’ve done the hard work for you and filled the Uniquely Manchester site with pressies that are guaranteed to please the men in your life. There’s a lot to choose from so we’ve selected ten of the best, to make things even easier for you. If you’re still struggling to decide, just get in touch and we’ll happily help you pick something perfect.


The only worry with putting this gift idea at the top of the list, is that you won’t need to read any further!  As if gin wasn’t enough of a winner, our selection is pretty special; over 30 different gins in various flavours, all expertly distilled in Manchester - many of them by small independents putting their unique touches on each one. Cheers!


Yes, we realise you’re sensing a theme here (we promise non-alcohol gifts to follow!) but there’s no way we could leave rum out when its popularity is on a such rapid incline.  All our rums are, of course, made in Greater Manchester, and we especially recommend the Manchester Spiced Rum and the Salford  Spiced Rum who’s bottle, featuring a cool and unique design by the legendary Dave Draws, also takes some beating. It’s also a guaranteed conversation starter for any party!

Books & Guides

Whatever he loves most about Manchester, we’ve got a book on it!  From football (City and United), to Manchester history (from traditional to the macabre!), to cooking (Manchester style!), to the Manchester music scene, we’ve, quite literally, got it covered!

Street Sign Art

It doesn’t get more ‘Manchester’ than these incredible Manchester street sign artworks.  Each piece is individually hand-painted, and hand-made using fused glass, which is then pressed in metal, glass and enamel.  They look fantastic on any wall, and each one is unique.

Ceramic Worker Bee

An ultimate icon of the city, the worker bee encompasses all things Manchester, meaning these ceramic bees are something to be really treasured.  Hand-made, hand-painted and framed, these unique pieces of art come in a variety of guises; including ‘I wanna Bee adored’, ‘Busbee Babes’, ‘Bee Blue’ and ‘Definitely Maybee’. 

Manchester City Cabin case

First things first – we aren’t showing bias to one team….Manchester United don’t have an equivalent, but we promise if ever they do we will stock it! We simply couldn’t leave this off the list though as it’s the most fantastic gift for any Manchester City fan! And it’s the perfect size to carry on to the plane so you’ll have your precious cargo with you at all times.

Handmade Pen

We guarantee he’ll be complemented every time he gets one of these pens out to sign something, or even just to write notes. Utterly unique, and meticulously handmade by a proud Mancunian, our range of pens are sculptured from a variety of sustainable woods, including Yellow Boxwood, Pink Ivory Wood, English Walnut and Brown Oak.

Manc Culture Art

What more can we say about this brilliant selection than ‘ave it!  We’ve got a range of prints and canvases that cover all there is to love about Manchester culture; from football and music legends, to the worker bee, to the spectacular city skyline. 

Manchester Modern Retro Art

He needs to have a sense of humour for these pieces but, well, if he’s a Manchester lad, or fan of the city, then it’s a given that he likes to laugh! This range of framed and unframed poster art is painted by Stockport-based Eric Jackson; with his tongue firmly in cheek! The only problem you’ll have is picking a favourite!

Manchester Mug

Northern Quarter fans will love the range of mugs featuring images of the NQ painted by local artist Henry Martin.  We’ve also got some mega Manchester skyline mugs and coasters.  Trust us, his brew will taste so much nicer!

Actually, I can’t believe we nearly missed off our iconic Manchesterand fine art photography! Check out these collections for some stunning images of the city’s iconic buildings and landmarks which you can buy as prints, mounts or framed!

So, never let it be said ever again that a man is hard to buy for…!

Uniquely Manchester

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