And so do we!

Uniquely Manchester headquarters was extraordinarily busy one Wednesday last month (12thJune 2019 to be precise), thanks to a little marketing support . . . from none other than Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby!

A sudden influx of orders from all over the UK, and all for Rockstar Rum, left us a little perplexed; Uniquely Manchester stocks such a large range of goods that one product rarely dominates sales like that.

All became clear when we received a call from a customer (wanting to buy Rockstar Rum, of course!). who told us that the Pineapple Grenade Spiced Rum had just been featured on ITV’s This Morning, and that it had received rave reviews!  Despite the Rockstar Rum Pineapple Grenade being 65% proof, the fun loving duo found it deliciously smooth and were instant fans.  Philip commented that the rum, which is available to buy for £32.95 from Uniquely Manchester, is “dangerously smooth” and Holly was heard to say she was “taking it for the dressing room”.

This Morning, ‘Daytime Programme’ winner at The National Television Awards, is viewed by over one million people every day. Suffice to say Uniquely Manchester – and other outlets, sold out of Rockstar Rum very fast!

Tom Hurst, founder and chief of executive, told Drinks Retail News: “The response to being featured on This Morning has been dramatic. . .

 “The sister brand to Pineapple Grenade called Two Swallows also sold out as a result of interest in Rockstar Spirits as a whole. Any product featured on TV is amazing exposure but it was the strength and authenticity of the reaction from Holly that really resonated with the consumers.”

If you’ve ever questioned whether traditional media still holds any clout in this day and age of Instagram, Kardashians and selfies, then wonder no more!  Uniquely Manchester’s June sales pay testament to the fact that people arestill watching, reading and being influenced by TV, radio and print. 

The modern way is for many brands to favour digital media, influencers and bloggers.  But the product placement of Rockstar Rum on national television was a real reminder that traditional media is still a very persuasive media and absolutely still has its place.  What was really fantastic, was to see how traditional and digital can be combined to really boost reach.  The clip featuring Rockstar Rum was This Morning’s most watched clip the week it went live, with nearly 400,000 views!

If you weren’t lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle of Pineapple Grenade after the This Morning feature then, fear not, it’s back in stock at Uniquely Manchester- and we’ve got plenty!  We also stock the delicious Two Swallows Salted Caramel Spiced Rum.

And even more good news, the producers of Rockstar Rum will soon be releasing a Grapefruit Grenade, and have more innovative releases planned for the future in the world of spiced rum.

We say ‘cheers’ to that!

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