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The 'C' Word...

The 'C' Word...

Three reasons we’re not sorry for using the ‘c’ word . . . and five things that will make you pleased we did


There, we said it. 

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. 

 Yes, we know that the kids are barely back to school, your summer tan is yet to fade, and you’re too scared to look at your post-holiday credit card statement . . . but, here at Uniquely Manchester, we’re still not sorry about forcing you to focus (at least for a few minutes!) on the festive season. 

Here’s why:

  1. We want to make sure you gain kudos and clout this Christmas by being the person out of all of your family, friends and colleagues who gives the most mega pressies.
  1. Being the bearer of memorable gifts often takes a little bit of forward planning. Uniquely Manchester also provides a personalisation service, so that you can give completely bespoke items, created by one of our photographers or artists in their signature style. Prices and lead-times vary and, whilst we’ll always do our best to accommodate requests, as much notice as possible is super helpful.
  1. Having things delivered in December is the stuff of nightmares. Especially if those ‘things’ happen to be hand-made.  This is the case with many of the items sold by Uniquely Manchester; which makes them extremely special, but means they may take a little longer to get to you than mass produced identical products (but well worth the wait!) The moral of the story?  Unique presents really can’t be bought on the last-minute Christmas Eve rush; you need to start thinking about them now!

And if you’re thinking ‘easier said than done, I still don’t know what the perfect present for person X is’, then take a look at our top five suggestions:

  1. If you’re buying for a Manchester dweller or lover, then pretty much everything on Uniquely Manchester will make them smile. All of our products are either made in Manchester, designed in Manchester, produced in Manchester or about Manchester. For the proud Mancunian there’s everything from graffiti street signs and fused glass art, to photography of the city’s iconic venues and landmarks, as well as our retro art collection, depicting the quirks of Manchester and its various towns. There’s also the delightful Manchester designs in the homeware collection.
  1. It’s a friendly draw when it comes to football on Uniquely Manchester! Both United and City fans are well catered for in many sections of the site.Definitely check out the fab football team inspired ceramic bees as well as the stunning fused glass art – they really do need to be seen to be appreciated! 
  1. Head to our Manc Culture section if you want to please fans of the indie music scene with a unique style of art that lovers of Oasis, The Stone Roses, Morrissey and The Smiths will adore.
  1. Writers and readers alike are well looked after. We’ve just introduced a books section to the site, covering topics such as the music scene, sport, history, culture and even cooking!  And for those who like to actively put words on pages, there’s a range of beautifully crafted pens, hand-sculptured from sustainable woods from around the world.  If you see a style you like, but would prefer it in a different wood – just ask!
  1. And finally . . . gin time! Let us introduce you to our pièce de résistance . . . our Manchester skyline gin glasses.  They are truly stunning and have unsurprisingly proved unbelievably popular so if you are lucky enough to see that they are in stock then our advice is to order immediately as they sell out every time we get a new delivery!

Oh, and I know we said 5 suggestions but it would be remiss of us not to mention our latest arrivals….locally produced gin and rum!! (it’s a natural follow-on from the gin glasses anyway…)

We already have some stunning offerings from Worsley Gin, Hidden Gem, Manchester Still and The Salford Rum Company (check out the amazing bottle design by Manchester artist Dave Draws) and there’s more to come.

So there you go, you’ve got your own personal shopper right here. 

Happy shopping! 


Uniquely Manchester

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