Introducing The New Baby & Kids Clothing Collection - Hand-made in Manchester!

Introducing The New Baby & Kids Clothing Collection - Hand-made in Manchester!

We all know that Manchester is a cool city, right? It’s also known for its vibrancy and creative spirit, as well as many other fabulous things. So it should come as no surprise that the latest addition to Uniquely Manchester captures all of the above in a fantastically colourful clothing range for kids who want to be comfy as well as cool.

The collection, which is sure to delight parents as well as children, is made from ethically sourced premium jersey material and is hand-made to order, ensuring a level of quality unmatched by many mass-produced garments.

At Uniquely Manchester, we take immense pride in supporting our local businesses and independent makers and creators. Every piece in our kids clothing collection is meticulously hand-crafted by talented individuals right here in Manchester. This not only ensures a level of quality and attention to detail, but it also contributes to the thriving independent community of this great city.

The new range of sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, leggings and dresses are available in various fun and enchanting designs, including bees (of course…this is Manchester!), dinosaurs, rainbows, mermaids and polar bears, and there’ll be more to come. The dresses can be long-sleeved, short sleeved or sleeveless – take your pick.

 Each item of clothing is bursting with personality and charm; each one has been thoughtfully designed with individuality in mind and made with a passion to create playful yet practical pieces to be loved by the wearer. Just like the children, this range is truly unique.

 You can check out the new range here: but remember to keep checking back as we plan to add to the collection!


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