Fathers Day Gift Ideas from Uniquely Manchester

Fathers Day Gift Ideas from Uniquely Manchester

Get ready to ditch the mundane go-to Father's Day gifts!  This year, give your dad something as unique as he is.

    We get it . . ‘socks are always a safe option’, ‘you can never go wrong with aftershave’, and ‘a gift voucher will at least mean he can choose something he definitely wants’.

    But, come on!  The true gift when receiving a present is the thoughtfulness behind it. And, let’s face it, our dear old dads really do deserve to feel special. We also know that’s no mean feat!  Whilst most men may be adamant that they are easy to buy for, a quick straw poll at Uniquely Manchester HQ has confirmed what every woman in the land already knows; men are generally noteasy to buy for!  Unless, of course, you buy from Uniquely Manchester ;-)

    We have ideas for the Manchester City, Manchester United and Manchester music fan, to the rum connoisseur or lover of art and photography of our great city.

    And, to make things even easier, we’ve put together our ‘super six’ selection of gifts, to help you show your dad, or other father figure, just how much you care. 

    Uniquely Manchester’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

    Manc Culture: You don’t even need to be an art lover to utterly adore this range of uber-cool prints, all effortlessly encapsulating the essence of all things Manchester.  Dads who love Manchester football and music most definitely won’t be disappointed with one of these artworks; check out some of the legends covered, from Oasis and Morrissey to George Best and the Courteeners


    Ceramic Worker Bees:Handmade and hand-painted, each of these bees tells a story; making them a particularly personal, and even poignant, present for your pops.  The Because I Love youbee is a lovely choice, or how about I Wanna Bee Adored if he’s a Stone Roses fan?

    Manchester Rum: Believe it or not, Uniquely Manchester stocks 15 different rums (and counting!) – all originating from the region. The Salford Rum Company’s spiced ginnot only tastes delicious, but also comes in a feature bottle displaying the map of Salford. Hidden Gem’s bonfire rumis the ultimate firecracker - no dedicated rum lover will be able to wait until November to open it!   If you’d like to buy a more gentle rum, The Manchester Still’s Farraday’s Proof Whiterum is carefully distilled from natural unrefined molasses, creating a smooth, softer tasting alternative.

    Manchester Gin: If you were impressed by Uniquely Manchester’s range of rums, then you’d better sit down for this one (the reading – not the drinking!). We stock over 50 different varieties of gin, all originating from Greater Manchester and Cheshire.  Uniquely Manchester is also very proudly supporting #PlasticFreeGM helping to eradicate the use of avoidable single use plastics in our city, so don’t forget to buy our fabulous Manchester bee paper strawsto accompany your old man’s tipple!

    Manchester Art: One of the best things about the artwork Uniquely Manchester sells is that it isn’t just for people who love, like, or even know much about, art. It’s also for people who love Manchester and would cherish a visual memento of something or somewhere special.  The doodle mapsrange is really fun and quirky, whilst the iconic Manchester artis definitely one for the football-mad dads, and the Manchester modern retro art printsare perfect if your dad is a fan of tongue-in-cheek humour.





    Manchester books: Finally,if your dad loves reading andloves Manchester, then he’ll definitely love one of the books that Uniquely Manchester stocks. Our fantastic range includes city guide books, city history, sport related and cookery. 

    There’s so much more on offer at Uniquely Manchester so get yourself comfy, grab a brew and enjoy a browse…you won’t go wrong with whatever you buy!

    Uniquely Manchester

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