Cheers to The Spirit of Garstang Gin & Rum collection

Cheers to The Spirit of Garstang Gin & Rum collection

Yes, we know it’s a little further up the M60, but we still like to support independent producers in the region.  Especially when they make spirits so divine that they lift the soul! So, please join us in raising a glass to welcome The Spirit of Garstang’s utterly delicious gin and rum collection to Uniquely Manchester’s artisan alcohol offering.

Hailing from the world’s first Fair Trade Town, The Spirit of Garstang champions use of the resources for which the Lancashire town is best known: rich soil, pure water, and exceptional flora.  The locally crafted gin, which has been a true labour of love for the family-run business, is made using hand-picked ingredients and distilled traditionally in copper stills with sustainably sourced botanicals.

We’re talking gins that burst with fresh, natural flavours and aromas. Every batch of The Spirit of Garstang gin is distilled, bottled and labelled by hand, giving it a unique nose, mouthfeel, and fresh grown taste. Gin lovers – you’re in for a real treat with this delicious range!

The Spirit of Garstang Lancashire ginA dry gin that stands up exceptionally well to tonic. This smooth, full flavoured gin is delicately spiced with notes of kaffir lime leaf, cardamom and cubeb pepper.

The Spirit of Garstang cucumber and mint gin: The fresh, light, smooth finish of this gin will ignite your taste-buds with a high profile flavour that’s bursting with notes of juniper, rosemary, fresh cucumber, and the perfect amount of mint. 

The Spirit of Garstang spiced pear gin: An incredible tasting gin that leads with a spiced note and follows with a sweet pear finish. Think intense aromatics, subtle cassia and ginger flavours, and a warm, smooth, fruity finish.

The Spirit of Garstang pink citrus gin: A premium flavoured gin that is light and zingy, sweet and aromatic, citrussy and smooth. This gin has hints of Thai spice flavours, and pea flower that makes it change colour.

The Spirit of Garstang mango and passion fruit gin: Infused with tangy mango and sweet passionfruit, this fabulous gin delivers sensational tropical fruit flavours.

And it’s not just great gin that The Spirit of Garstang produce; they also have a range of rums so yummy that customer demand for them is, unsurprisingly, high. The premium rums, called Swift Nick, were created to honour the memory of The Spirit of Garstang family member; John ‘Swift Nick’ Nevison, aka The Glamorous Highwayman.

We do love a good back story, and this one is fantastic. A famous robber and highwayman in the seventeenth century, John Nevison was something of a modern-day Robin Hood.  He famously galloped 200 miles from Gad’s Hill in Kent to York in a single day to create an alibi, which led to him being acquitted following arrest. He was later nicknamed ‘Swift Nick’ by King Charles II.

With a nod back to the smuggling of old, The Spirit of Garstang add botanicals from Swift Nick’s secret recipe to imported fine Guyanese rum, which is then steeped, distilled, and barrel-aged.  The result is a unique, smooth rum, with sweet vanilla, caramel, and fruit notes, and a slightly warming spice derived from two exotic peppers.

Choose from Swift Nick Spiced Rum and Swift Nick Dark Rum, or, even better, try them both. Serve neat to truly experience the abundant flavour, or (if you aren’t that brave!), serve over ice with the mixer of your choice.  Relax and enjoy!

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